The feel of a Muscle Back, with forgiveness

The new design Mizuno MP-5 for players

This new design will have a measurable impact for our better players.
They will get the feel, look, and control of a traditional Muscle Back, while the new Channel Back design distributes
the weight to create an increased level of forgiveness.

You’ll notice more consistency of distance and a tighter shot dispersion as the Channel Back design keeps thickness
behind the point of impact for blade like feel, but moves enough mass to create stability from off-center strikes.

This is slightly larger than a traditional blade, but is still perfectly in proportion, and looks really good at address.
We think it has a powerful look.

The Mizuno MP-5 sits between a blade and a compact, cavity back for players.
The best golfers in the club, especially those playing a blade, will see an improvement in accuracy and
consistency with this iron without losing the feel and control they value.
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