Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed on September 21 - September 22 for the Fall Scramble event. If you are interested in participating in this event, use the link below to sign up or contact ... See more

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed on the morning of August 17th for the Sands Booster Club Event. The course will reopen at 2:00 PM.
Thank you.

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed both August 3rd and August 4th for the 2 Jack & 2 Jill tournament. If you are interested in participating in this event use the link below to sign up or ... See more

Course Closed

The Gaines County Golf Course will be closing at 12:00 PM on July 26th for the Seminole EMS event.
Thank you.

Course Closed

On July 20-21, Gaines County Golf Course will be closed for the 2019 Jack and Jill tournament. If you are interested in participating in this event please use the link below or contact Gaines County ... See more

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed July 12th for the SOFTEES TIKI Ladies Scramble. This is a ladies only tournament. To sign up for this event contact Gaines County Golf Course @ ... See more

Why do you want to be better?

You need to think through WHY you want to play better golf. What is the emotional experience you want to enjoy or pain you want to remove by playing better? If you want to travel the journey to ... See more

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed on the days of June 27-30 for the Gaines County Memorial Partnership. This event is invitation only. For inquiries on participating or sponsoring for this ... See more

How would you like to drop shots from your scorecard?

This week it’s the US Open at Pebble Beach. For most of us watching live golf, the sport seems a mile away from the game we play.

Hitting huge tee shots is well beyond the potential of most ...
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Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed on the morning of June 15th for the Seminole Golf Fundraiser event. The course will reopen at 2:00 PM.
Thank you.

How are you planning to differentiate yourself?

Korean golfers are dominating the world of LPGA Golf. Sunday saw Jeongeun Lee6 close out to win the US Women’s Open at Country Club of Charleston.

The "6" was added to Jeongeun’s last name ...
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Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed on the morning of June 8th for the Sands Travel Club Event. The course will reopen at 2:00 PM.
Thank you.

Your children can have it all

If you’re a parent and you’re looking forward to another school holiday and want to give your child or children something special, introduce them to the game of golf. Fun and enjoyment. Physical ... See more
If you have been looking to upgrade your clubs or just try out the latest equipment, come out Sunday from 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. If you are wanting to get fit for your next set book your fitting ... See more

Course Closed

On May 11th, Gaines County Golf Course will be closed starting at 4:00 PM for a fundraiser tournament held by the Gospel Mission Church. Anyone on the course prior to the closure will need to be off ... See more

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed on the morning of June 3rd for an NTPGA Junior Tour Event. The course will reopen at 2:00 PM.
Thank you.

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed all day May 4 - May 5 for our 2019 BALLBUSTER Tournament. If you are interested in participating in this event sign up using the link below, or calling Gaines ... See more

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed Monday, April 29th at 12:00 PM for our Gaines County PRO-AM. The course will be open in the morning but all players not participating in the PRO-AM will need ... See more

Thursday Night Scramble

3 Person Teams
Call the golf shop to sign up
5:30 start
$15 for members
$20 for non members!!!!

This is the week to become inspired

Here we are. Prepare to be inspired by the Masters. Enjoy the entertainment. Gorge on golf. But then, next week get out there. Bring that inspiration to your golf game. Whether it's learning, ... See more

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed April 13th for the Seminole ISD Jr. High tournament. The course will reopen at 2:00 pm.
Thank you

Welcome to the Team

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this post to introduce our new Assistant Golf Professional
Derek Loew

"I was born and raised in Temple, Texas. I graduated from Temple High ...
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Amazing shots are not just for the Professionals

Week after week we watch the best Professionals hit amazing tee shots, approaches, and hole-outs. How do they even practice for them?

They can't! But they can certainly be well-prepared. You ...
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Course Closed

The golf course will be closed on April 6 - April 7 all day due to the 2019 Ice Breaker
If you are interested in this event please use the following link to register.
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It's time to get excited about your game

Next week is April, and we all know what that means. Yes, it’s time for The Masters, and the golf season is off and running. April 11th to 14th at Augusta is when one of the greatest shows on earth ... See more

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed April 27th starting at 12:00 PM for an NTPGA Junior Tour Tournament. Course will be open until 12:00 PM, anyone who is on the course will need to be finished ... See more

Course Closed

On March 25th the Gaines County Golf Course will be closed all morning for the Grady ISD District tournament. The course will reopen at 2:00 pm.
Thank you

Why not try something new this week?

Why not try something new this week? On approach shots, take one club more than you think you need, make a good shoulder turn but concentrate on tempo rather than power. Let us know how it goes: See more

Poor contact means less distance

Most of you know that your position at address isn’t the same as your position at impact. But not so many amateur golfers can show us the correct impact position.
We can help: See more

Is there a golf shot you would like to learn how to play?

The young guns are all over the major golf tours now. They’re lithe, strong, and can hit the golf ball a long, long way. But in recent weeks two of the older members of the PGA Tour have reminded us ... See more

What's your motivation to improve?

Why do you want to play better golf?
If you speak to fitness trainers many will tell you that a customer who says “I want to lose weight” is already a lost cause. It is insufficient motivation to ...
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Which would be more likely to motivate you?

It is often said that the quickest way to lower your handicap or improve your scorecard is to improve your putting and then your short game. But I wonder if lowering your handicap is the biggest ... See more

League Golf for Adults!!!

League Golf
Exciting news!!! We are starting a summer league golf program for grown-ups. Thanks to the help of Spark Golf we have an app and new league. Check out the registration link to learn more.
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What do you think of the new USGA rules?

The new rules have come in for some scrutiny in the professional tournaments around the world over the past couple of weeks. There’s clearly clarification on the rules required in some ... See more

Talent is overrated

Geoff Colvin, in his theory of “Deliberate Practice”, contends that you can all be so much better at golf, and much quicker than you imagine, with a better approach to practice.
See more: See more

Tournament Schedule Correction

Tournament Schedule
Sorry we had one small error on a date. Here is the correct Schedule!

Tournament Schedule

Tournament Schedule
We have our 2019 Schedule of events for Gaines County Golf Course. We hope to see you this year.

What memories can you create this year?

Looking back on 2018, what golf memories did you make? What was special about the year for you? Now, as you think forward to golf in 2019, what will you add to your game or your experience to make ... See more

Two swing thoughts for winter

We have two swing thoughts that will help you get the maximum enjoyment out of golf this January:

Play the conditions. Don’t fight them. Be less aggressive; swing easier; but do make a ...
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Your 2019 golf resolutions

Amongst the resolutions people will have made for 2019, many will fall under the categories of “Health & well-being”; “Social engagement”; and “Time for yourself”. Guess what? Golf delivers on all of ... See more

Important Information for Gaines County Golf Course

Get your discounts
This is just a reminder that the ornament sale will continue through Friday, December 21. This will include discounts between 20% and 60%.

Ornament Sale! WOW

The annual Ornament Sale has been set. Come in December 15-21 and do your Christmas shopping. You will get between 20% & 60% off of your purchase when you choose an ornament. Includes all merchandise ... See more

Small Business Saturday

Saturday Sale
Here at Gaines County Golf Course, we are happy to have you as a customer. We have created our Saturday sale to show our love and thankfulness.
All Clubs - 15% off ...
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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy being with friends and family

Wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, we would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving:

Does golf exercise your mind?

You read about the best golfers making the case of golf being a sport that exercises the mind. Does it exercise yours? Could you make more use of your mind? Read more: See more


We wanted to let you know our operational hours for Thanksgiving.
We will be open Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Thursday Thanksgiving Day we will be closed.

Do you want to be good or great?

So, the big question for you is: how much do you want to play better golf? Are you sure about "why" you’d want to play better golf?
Click here for more: See more

Don't come up short on approach shots

When we look at club choice, amateurs select a club for approach shots that, if they hit it perfectly, will get to the middle of the green. Try a round where you choose a club that should get to the ... See more

It pays to master your pitch shots

I’ve watched quite a few golfers playing mid-range pitch shots over the last weeks. There seems to be one of two techniques used by the majority to try and get the ball to stop quickly.
Learning ...
See more

One hop and stop. How does that sound?

The ball flight of the Professionals on mid and longer wedge shots is almost always significantly lower than those we see amateurs playing. But these lower flighted shots land, hop and stop quickly. ... See more

It's the camaraderie that counts

...and makes team golf more enjoyable. Click here if you want to try it:

Get a team together and let's play some golf!

For what it’s worth, we’d like to make the observation that team golf is a lot of fun. Despite the heat of battle at the Ryder Cup, it’s a very social event. Anyone want to give it a try? Let us ... See more

The Ryder Cup is here!

It’s Ryder Cup week. What an event. What spectacle. In a suburb in the southwest of Paris, France the 42nd Ryder Cup Matches will take place on the Albatros Course of Le Golf National, ... See more

Make the most of your time on the course

A part of our job is to help improve your golf experience. So, don’t let a struggle ruin your next game of golf. If something isn’t right with your game; if it is a struggle on most days; or you know ... See more

Invest in your playing experience

On a scale of zero to ten, each time you play, how important is your playing experience? By that I mean your experience hitting your shots?

If you played better next week than you did the ...
See more

A $64 million question

If you didn’t give us your $ 64 million answer, then please do so now. We’d love you to answer just one simple question about improvement.

There’s nothing confidential. It’s not a sales ...
See more

2018 Fall Scramble

Get your partners and get signed up for a fun weekend!! 3-person scramble teams. Morning and Afternoon waves available Saturday. Lunch served both days!
Call 432-758-3808 or email ...
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How to enjoy your golf (and play better too!)

We want you to focus on how much pleasure there is, for the vast majority of regular and occasional golfers, in a golf shot that’s struck in the sweet spot. They say it’s the one great shot that ... See more

Is the handicap helping or hindering the growth of golf?

“The founders of this great game came from a generation where everything was a struggle; just for life. So why shouldn’t golf be a struggle as well? And to even out that struggle between competitors, ... See more

Golf is meant to be a social game

Brooks Koepka bags his third Major in 14 months and becomes only the 5th person to win the US Open and PGA Championship in the same year.
To see how we can help you enjoy your golf more click ...
See more

Share the game of golf with your daughter

Women have been a significant part of the growth in golf over the last decade. Therefore, it’s pleasing to see another new youngster at the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations to Georgia ... See more

Become a better putter to win

To win you need to become a better Putter. If you want to have more fun playing golf...

Follow the rest here:

Win a Scotty Cameron

Titleist ProV1 & ProV1x have a special prize. Buy a dozen of your favorite number golf balls 00-99 for a chance to win a Scotty Cameron Putter or Titleist Vokey Wedge!!! How lucky is your lucky ... See more

Trapp Fragrances!!!

Trapp Candles have arrived for the new year. We are now an authorized dealer for Trapp Fragrances! Make sure you come check out the selection. This will be a great item for that unused credit that ... See more

2018 Tournament Schedule!

The 2018 Tournament Schedule is here.
The Ice Breaker will be before the opening of the front 9. If the weather cooperates there is a possibility that it will be played on the full ...
See more

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year from the Gaines County Golf Course!
The shop will be closed due to weather until January 2, 2018.
This is also a reminder for all members that our ...
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The Balloon Sale started yesterday! There are some great deals out here and 20% off is the worst you can do? That means you need to come spend your credit or do your last minute Christmas Shopping.
Janet Froese
Gaines County Junior Golf Starts Soon!!!!
We would like to also make the announcement that the new junior league manager will be Janet Froese. After working at Gaines County Golf Course for over ...
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2017 Over 80 2-Man Scramble.
One-Mont away is the Over 80 Scramble. Call the golf shop today to sign up for the morning or afternoon shotgun on Saturday's Round!!
Gaines County 2 Jacks 2 Jills
Call the Pro Shop to sign up today
Field Limited to 36 Teams
$15/Member & $20/Non-Member
Call the Golf Shop to sign up
When you have the better equipment you play better golf! And you enjoy it more.

Join us 06/03/17 at Gaines County Golf Course
Please call Kyle for an appointment at 432-758-3808
Be proud of your course...