How would you like to look like a good golfer? How would you like to play better golf?
Most golfers struggle with consistent and accurate ball striking because the wrong body part controls their swing.
Most golfers struggle with consistent and accurate ball striking because the wrong body part controls their swing.
There’s compelling evidence that improving your putting and short game creates the quickest results on your scorecard.
Any journey is better with friends. And as we said: “better is great”.
If you want to improve then connect with why you want to improve.
Forget what you see on TV, just being better is great
We want to inspire you to take a journey. As many of you as possible.
This is the greatest game on the planet. Every shot that feels right is a beautiful experience. Let’s create more of them and the game gets even better.
Most don’t have it. Please get it. Please practise it.
If you knew you the average length of the final approach shot to the green, then you’d make sure you have that shot in your bag, wouldn’t you?
How many exact distances have you got dialed in, that you can hit consistently, from 100 yards into 50 yards?
If you’re a 15 handicap (or higher) then we’re pretty sure you could be 10 shots better BEFORE we get to your basic golf swing.
And everything in between.
We’ve changed some advice offered by one of the world’s most famous mental game coaches.
Often there’s a single change that delivers the broadest smile.
Why would you want to improve your golf swing; improve your consistency?
The manufacturers have made Par 3’s easier. It’s your turn to take advantage of that improvement.
Are you making it more difficult to hit good iron shots on Par 3’s?
Par 3’s require good game management and good decision making.
How could you improve your scores on the Par 3’s?
You don’t have to be the lonely, long-distance runner to succeed.
How you decide to practice can accelerate your improvement and have unexpected benefits.
Decide to acquire a new skill or master a new shot. Please do. Along the way, “mix it up”.
That’s the answer to the question “how good could you be?”. And according to one scientist with less effort than expected.
Whatever the wind conditions, most Professionals prefer to arrow wedge shots in on a lower trajectory than you’d think.
There’s a technique to hitting shots into the wind that ought to provide clues to more consistency on every shot.
Struggling in the wind. Remember:
‘when it’s breezy, swing easy’.
There’s a little more to it.