With the weather in West Texas being just a little unpredictable what better way to guarantee perfect conditions. Come visit the Texas Golf Barn in Seminole, TX at Gaines County Golf Course. Our professional staff want to help you improve your game with no distractions. We have the latest technology to help you see the results first hand. 

ES16 Launch Monitor

Discover Your Gains!

Climate Controlled

Three great reasons your children should learn to play golf. First, they learn it so easily and get to have a lifetime of fun.
Research by MyGolfSpy informs us that over half of all golfers have the wrong perception about their putting stroke.
When you have the better equipment you play better golf! And you enjoy it more.

Join us 06/03/17 at Gaines County Golf Course
Please call Kyle for an appointment at 432-758-3808
Have you ever noticed how much easier children can pick up new movement skills than adults?