Exciting news - we now have Teesnap online with Gaines County Golf Course.

This is where you are able to make online bookings.

Click here for the website.

With the weather in West Texas being just a little unpredictable what better way to guarantee perfect conditions. Come visit the Texas Golf Barn in Seminole, TX at Gaines County Golf Course. Our professional staff want to help you improve your game with no distractions. We have the latest technology to help you see the results first hand. 

ES16 Launch Monitor

Discover Your Gains!

Climate Controlled

If your handicap is between 10 and about 15 to 18, then use technology to change your magic number.

Thursday Night Scramble

3 Person Teams
Call the golf shop to sign up
5:30 start
$15 for members
$20 for non members!!!!

This is the week to become inspired

Here we are. Prepare to be inspired by the Masters. Enjoy the entertainment. Gorge on golf. But then, next week get out there. Bring that inspiration to your golf game. Whether it's learning, ... See more

Course Closed

Gaines County Golf Course will be closed April 13th for the Seminole ISD Jr. High tournament. The course will reopen at 2:00 pm.
Thank you